Terms and conditions for sending a file via the peep.live service.
The following conditions (hereinafter: "conditions") represent a legal document (hereinafter: "agreement") connecting between the service provided on the peep.live website (hereinafter: "peep.live") by the service's administrative board (hereinafter: "the board") and you.
The board is entitled to change its conditions at any time. The conditions shall become valid as soon as they are published on peep.live.
If you do not agree to the conditions of the agreement, please do not send any pictures to the peep.live service.
By clicking the SEND button you are confirming that you are aware of the conditions of this agreement and that the agreement is acceptable to you in its entirety.
By clicking the SEND button you hereby declare that you posses the copyrights on the photos and that the persons photographed are over the age of 21 and have given their consent to publish the photos.
The board reserves the right to remove photos from the site immediately and without providing notification in any instance of breach of this agreement by you, as well as to make a legal claim against you for any direct and indirect damage that might be caused.
You agree that you will be entitled to send photos in accordance with and based on law that applies to the service.
1. You are responsible for all outcomes, direct and indirect, resulting from the use of the service. You are responsible for protecting, compensating, and protecting from harm peep.live—its managers, directors, employees, agents, third parties—against any loss, damage, expense (including lawyer's fees) resulting from or connected with the use of the service, including breach of the conditions of this agreement.
2. The board is the proprietor of all rights of the service. The service includes all existing material regarding copyrights, trademarks, and all other information that is under ownership of the board or its representatives or authorizers. Additionally, the board and/or other subscribers are likely to post information that is not protected by copyright, whether indicated as such or not marked as protected. With the exception of information having no ownership rights and which is in the public domain or which has been given approval, you shall not be entitled to copy, publish, or transfer, or display, or sell any proprietary information of this nature. In any instance in which you post information or content in any area that is exposed to the public on the peep.live service, this shall be considered as if it has been given under your authority and that you thereby confirm that you are authorized and have the right to grant the peep.live board and its other members the irrevocable, perpetual, nonexclusive, paid in full and world license to use, copy, display, and distribute the information and content and to prepare works with them or include them in other works and to copy secondary licenses for the use of the information.
3. peep.live solely constitutes a platform for the supply of the service and in fact serves only as a transfer channel for information that has been bought and/or collected and/or acquired by the board or transferred to it by a third party.
4. The board reserves the right to change the conditions of this agreement at any time, without providing advance warning. In addition, you agree that the board may add, change, delete or terminate the conditions for using the service or its services.
5. You bear exclusive responsibility and risk for any damage and/or loss caused to you due to use of the peep.live service.
6. You hereby confirm that your use of the service is subject to all local, national and international laws and regulations.
7. The board does not commit or guarantee in any way that the service will be uninterrupted, secured, high quality, fast and free of malfunctions. In addition you are aware that it is possible that in the future the service might not be available due to maintenance needs, upgrade or for any other reason.
8. The board is not responsible for the outcomes of the use of the service and/or reliability or accurateness of communication and information transfer and/or exactness of any translation and/or change of your information and/or all knowledge relayed via the service and/or assuring that any software and or software defects will be repaired.
9. You hereby confirm that all the material or information you download and/or acquire through the use of the service are at your discretion, while assuming the risk that you are responsible for all damage to your computer system and/or for information lost as a result of downloading information and/or material.
10. The law applying to this agreement is Israeli law. Unique jurisdiction is given to authorized courts in the Tel Aviv district.
11. In order to solve complaints relating to the service, contact customer service at support@peep.live
12. The aforesaid content of this agreement is stated in the masculine form, but is intended equally for males and females.